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Teachers love Child's Play!

Teachers come back to Child's Play books time and time again, confident that they will find innovative and fun teaching tools.

A number of the books published by Child's Play are not only suitable
for reading for pleasure but also can support school learning objectives, including Health Education.

Child's Play aims to reflect our diverse society and challenge stereotypes. Diversity does not simply refer to heritage and disability, but also gender, nationality and culture, sexual orientation and age. Inclusive images are casual and incidental, meaning that all children are included as part
of the landscape, rather than singled out for special attention.

Child's Play products cover Pre-School, Kindergarten and First Grade, moving into Second Grade. Child's Play products bring out the best
in children (and adults) of all levels of ability, enabling them to work
and play together.

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Let Toys be Toys

Let Toys be Toys