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“The simple mixed media illustrations show children and Noo-noos against white backgrounds with much verve and color. The facial expressions are particularly vivid as the difference...

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Three Billy Goats Gruff

This flip-up flap book has the three Billy Goats Gruff in control. In this version the scrawny, decidedly under-dressed troll is no great threat. He is a bully under the bridge who... David and Ronda Armitage

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Countdown to Christmas

The roly-poly book Countdown to Christmas is cube shaped and rolls out with unbelievable pop-up features that count down from ten to one. A brilliant and useful novelty for involvement in any setting.

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Using simple exercises and friendly illustrations, Relax helps us to recognise the causes and symptoms of stress in children’s lives and teaches kids how to deal with them. A...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Little Snow Explorers

“The Little Explorer and Little Driver ranges from Child’s Play are excellent for imaginative play on the go, with a small character attached by ribbon that you can put in... Child-Led Chaos

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Off to the Beach!

Lovely textured book with Braille against the page numbers and against some of the key items, the rest of the pages being textured to match the story and locations. Same for the companion... Tom Danby, Australia

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I'm a Robot!

“A board book that’s also a mask? What a wonderful idea! The Look At Me range are a series of books you can hold over your face to pretend to be a robot, or a monster; an... Child-Led Chaos

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Sardines of Love

An instant hit with our little one, she loves the characters, their names, their adventure and the glorious illustrations. It's delicious! Franchacha, Brighton

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