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This spectacular ‘pop-up’ book illustrates the life history of a dragonfly from egg to adult. It will appeal to young children, although the text requires sophisticated reading ability.

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The Princess and the Dragon

There’s not a simpering princess or fire-breathing dragon to be seen anywhere in The Princess and the Dragon. On the contrary, the princess has a ‘Don’t touch me!...

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Dry Bones

'The leg bone's connected to the thigh bone...' This traditional African-American spiritual song is perfect for finding out about parts of the body. The cut outs on each...

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¡Mírame!/Look At Me!

“The New Baby series from Child's Play is spot on accurate. … watercolors and graphite or grease pencil outlines are friendly and exuberant.” javascript:EditTextDlgSubmit()

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Baking with Dad

Very cute characters, funny story! The girl with red hair is simply fantastic. Trough a simple and effective drawing Aurora Cacciapuoti turns baking with Dad into a game, a dance, and... Monica Auriemma, Grays, Essex, UK

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Old Macdonald

“I couldn’t do a list of the best touchy-feely-pully-pushy-twisty-movey-interactive-novelty books for younger children without mentioning Child’s Play’s books with... Child-Led Chaos

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Stone Soup

"Flip-Up Fairy Tales are written for toddlers and pre-schoolers. What makes them an instant hit is the fact they have at least one flap to lift on every spread. Who doesn’t love... Child-Led Chaos

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Momo and Snap

"This story is told entirely through sounds. Momo the monkey and Snap the crocodile hiss and screech, then try to outdo and copy the other... The art was a big draw... I really loved the thick lines and vibrant colors. It made me think... Flying Off My Bookshelf blog

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