Everyone has become so focused on bright lights and new technology that they have forgotten about the stars. Fed up with not being appreciated, the stars decide to leave their posts and go on holiday. But what will happen when the lights go out? A charming picture book, from an emerging new talent, warning us to appreciate the natural beauty of the world, before it is lost.

The Lost Stars is a beautifully illustrated picture book about the value of stars.
The book's themes make it an ideal resource to introduce children to stars and light pollution.
Below are some printable lesson plans and worksheets to inspire your pupils to appreciate the night sky!

The complete resource pack, which contains all of the PDFs, can be downloaded by clicking the button on the right. Click here to download the complete set!

Lesson Plans for KS1 and KS2

Click here to download the Lesson Plans The Key Stage 1 lesson plan focuses on the way that we use stars and encourages young pupils to appreciate their beauty.
The Key Stage 2 lesson plan uses this idea as a starting point, and teaches children the basics of light pollution and how we can reduce the effects of it.

Both lesson plans include brief instructions for how to use the worksheets below, along with ideas for activities and questions which prompt a discussion.


Click here to download the Pen Control worksheet
Click here to download the Fill in the Gaps worksheet! Click here to download the street lights worksheet

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