Review of See you later, Alligator!

See you Later Alligator was a superb book and I thought the puppet idea was brilliant and it has made me want to look for more books in that type.

Jack was a bit unsure as to the puppet at first and I think was quite scared so my husband and I had to introduce the book gradually to him. We needed to make him comfortable with the puppet by gaining Jack's trust and getting the alligator to talk to Jack and then encouraging him to come and stroke him. Which worked rather quickly. Jack loved the book and I have to say, so did I. The balance between text and pictures was perfect for Jack's attention span and I could read the whole book to him with ease, and without him fidgeting or getting up.

The pictures were bold and colourful and had lots of things that Jack could associate with, the washing, the dinner etc etc. I think Jack will continue to learn from this book as he finds it interesting and the interaction with the puppet is a brilliant and novel idea. The alligator asks Jack where the Mummy is and where the dinner is and Jack is fascinated by it, and talks back and interacts well.

Jodie, 1st October 2004

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