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Grandma (Child’s Play Library) by Jessica Shepherd

“This is a beautifully illustrated and well-written book. It teaches young children about the sensitive issues about Dementia as seen through a young child's eyes. The book has a section 'Let's talk about' to help parents explain to children about Dementia and how it is affecting their Grandparent. I would definitely recommend this book for children of all ages. I am really pleased I bought it. Excellent!”

“Well written and illustrated, a subject which needs to be talked about with children and this book is a good easy book to understand very moving.”

“Grandma is sweet and gorgeous... and real! This book perfectly does NOT shove dementia under the carpet, but offers opportunities to talk about what happens when a loved one goes through this or has to go to a care home, and shows how a relationship between child and grandparent can still exist and how they can still enjoy time together. Brilliant!”

"Dementia is a difficult concept to explain to a child. In her first book, Jessica Shepherd lovingly and gently explains some of the changes that can occur with dementia in a beloved family elder. It has statements and solutions that are easy for a child to understand and to implement. Plus, its pages are filled with opportunities to open communication with a parent or other adult to discuss dementia. It describes common fears and frustrations of a child, explaining them in clear language. Ms Shepherd even tackles a hospital bed and wheelchair, making them non-threatening and no longer scary. This could easily lead to discussions of other medical equipment, such as a walker or oxygen. This book is an excellent resource for children and their families dealing with dementia in a family member or friend. I highly recommend it as a resource for families and professionals."

Misc, . 2nd February 2015

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