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Tilly’s At Home Holiday by Gillian Hibbs

“A beautifully illustrated book with so many things to look at on each page. Highly recommended for adults and children alike.”

“I ordered two copies of this book, one for an 8-year-old and one for a 3-year-old, and I'm so happy I did! A wonderful story which I'm sure will get little minds imagining their own adventures."

"Great for me to read to them but also good for children to read to adults."

“Looking forward to the next one!”

"I bought this book for my 6-year-old sister and she loved it. My family can't afford to go on holiday this year and Daisy now accepts that thanks to this book. She is showing off to her friends what she is going to get up to at home over the holidays."

"Thanks Gillian!!"

“This book is excellently written and superbly illustrated. This made a wonderful gift for my niece. Would definitely recommend it.”

“This is a beautifully written and illustrated children's book by Gillian Hibbs. A great read for children and adults alike!”

Misc, . 2nd February 2015

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