Review of It's Not Yours, It's Mine!

Blieka loves her* new red ball; she loves it so much that she takes it with her everywhere, and no one else is allowed to touch it. The other animals can’t get a look in – she even takes it to the cinema! But when the ball begins to deflate, she soon discovers that it takes teamwork to make it firm and round again and that sharing her toy might be a good idea. At first it is very difficult, but when her friends begin bringing their toys to share with her, she sees the point. Soft, rounded, cuddly animals and wonderful sponge-effect colour make this a truly outstanding production.
Blieka may be male or female*. I made her female here, but it is unimportant – one of the strengths of the story is that he/she could be either. Selfishness is a universal feeling, and this story will help children understand the importance of sharing."

Books for Keeps, . 17th November 2014

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