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The Flower

There is a touchingly indelible beauty about this most remarkable book. With a seemingly simple text, John Light tells the story of a young boy who works in a bleak city's gloomy... Trevor Dickinson

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Scaredy Cats

The two youngest cats, Yellow Kitten and Blue Kitten are unleashed on an errand for the first time by their mother to post a letter in town. The journey becomes an epic adventure which...

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What I Like!

This sparkling collection includes poems about food, family, schools and animals, with counting rhymes, nonsense verses, finger games and some unusual treatments of familiar nursery...

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Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!

Follows the unlikely relationship between a large and possibly scary bear and a tiny mouse who takes pity on him and brings him Christmas presents. With a strong message about sharing...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

It's Not Yours, It's Mine!

Blieka loves her* new red ball; she loves it so much that she takes it with her everywhere, and no one else is allowed to touch it. The other animals can’t get a look in – she even takes it to the cinema! But when the ball begins to... Books for Keeps

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Never Ever

"Swiftly following on from her super-successful debut picture book Rabbityness, Jo's new book Never Ever delves into the inner most workings of a child's imagination. Oblivious to the... The Book Sniffer

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Harold Finds a Voice

“I like how Harold copies everything. I have three favorite sounds – ding, shhhhh, flush. Oh and, RAWK!" Kelsey, Age 7 "Our favorite part is all the feathers!" Anna &... Bookworms,

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It's Not Yours, It's Mine!

"This bright and eye-catching book presents the concept of sharing in a way that's both realistic and funny. What I loved was this wasn't a straight-out, hit you over the head 'share... Flying Off My Bookshelf blog

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