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Grow It!

A little boy is with his father, and they are going to plant a garden together. At the garden center, the little boy chooses some seeds, and then he had his father plant them in a tray... Marya Jansen-Gruber

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See you later, Alligator!

This fun book has a finger puppet alligator which your toddler can mover throughout the story – once he has realised that it’s not actually real! The story introduces the...

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What I Like!

The irrepressible Gervase Phinn has bought out another brightly illustrated fun poetry book for Foundation Stage and KS1 (or 2). Included are some new takes on nursery rhymes &ndash...

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My First Signs

Signing guide to 40 key words. Childlike lovable illustrated characters depict the signs throughout this large board book. A helpful description on hand shapes and movements accompanies each sign.

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Customer reviews of our top sellers


"I love this. Can be used in so many ways- about bereavement or loss more generically, or individuality. Stunning artwork, unusual and dazzling. Loved idea of leaving a gift behind... Letterbox Library Staff Member, Letterbox Library Reviewer

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The Big Hungry Bear Storysack

I have enjoyed this book with my children and now my grandchildren. The illustrations are beautiful!! The story is quick and easy to read. My son could read the whole book to me by... Kathleen M Gatz, United States

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Egg, Tadpole, Frog

“This is a(nother) brilliantly clever book from Child’s Play. The shaped cover is tied with ribbon, and inside you find the life cycle story of frogs (Butterflies and Dragonflies... Child-Led Chaos

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Never Ever

“Never ever have I read a book that says so much with the same words repeated over and over. Jo Empson does so much with so little. Just as most kids think that their lives aren't as exciting as the stories in books and in movies... Erica, Goodreads

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WIA 2019 Shortlistings

Illustrations from 'Child of St Kilda' and 'Gently Bentley' have been shortlisted for the 2019 World Illustration Awards!


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