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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes...

Sing along with this popular song as you show your baby the gorgeous pictures that help teach him parts of the body.

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The Tiger and the Wise Man

How wise is a wise man who lets himself be tricked by a hungry tiger? Faced with becoming breakfast, the wise man calls on animals in the trees to intervene and save him from the tiger’s...

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The Princess and the Dragon

The Princess and the Dragon is beautifully illustrated with big, funny pictures. The book helps you realise that people are not always like you imagine them to be. The Princess was... Tracey

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Monkey's Clever Tale

When Ameerah Monkey wants to cross the river, she hatches a plot to trick Crocodile into helping her. But how will she escape being his next meal? And will Crocodile get his pot of Monkey Tail Soup?

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

Momo and Snap

"This story is told entirely through sounds. Momo the monkey and Snap the crocodile hiss and screech, then try to outdo and copy the other... The art was a big draw... I really loved the thick lines and vibrant colors. It made me think... Flying Off My Bookshelf blog

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Harold Finds a Voice

“Harold is a parrot, quite a talented parrot in fact. He is able to mimic almost anything with great accuracy. From the washing machine to the toaster, the vacuum cleaner to the... The Bookbag

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Never Ever

“Never ever have I read a book that says so much with the same words repeated over and over. Jo Empson does so much with so little. Just as most kids think that their lives aren't as exciting as the stories in books and in movies... Erica, Goodreads

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Ocean Deep

“This is a beautifully illustrated exploration into every part of the ocean from rock pools to the deepest depths. The sturdy card pages make this suitable even from early ages... Child-Led Chaos

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