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Hansel and Gretel

Child’s Play stick faithfully to the standard text in their new edition of Hansel and Gretel. The only surprises here are the ones Hansel and Gretel get in the wood. The old woman...

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My First Animal Signs

A colourful board book to help children learn simple signs. Positive images include a child wearing a hearing aid. Other books by the same author highlight meal time and play time signs. Viv Hampshire

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Twenty-Four Robbers

Big, bold, bright simplistic illustrations perfectly partner simplistic repetitive text in this ‘lift the flap’ picture book for infants. Mouse delivers Frog a square parcel...

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The Princess and the Dragon Storysack

How long would a picture book hold the attention of a young child? Five minutes? Ten? Maybe half-an-hour if the book is good and the child attentive enough to want to look at it several...

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Customer reviews of our top sellers

What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

“For little ones who want to operate their own puppets, Child’s Play have a huge range of puppet activity books. Older babies and young toddlers will be able to stick their... Child-Led Chaos

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Clean It!

A great choice to introduce a very young child to the concept of helping out at home. Things we liked about this book: A fun and positive book which encourages helping out at home... Claire Ward-Dutton, Little Parachutes

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"I love this. Can be used in so many ways- about bereavement or loss more generically, or individuality. Stunning artwork, unusual and dazzling. Loved idea of leaving a gift behind... Letterbox Library Staff Member, Letterbox Library Reviewer

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Harold Finds a Voice

“Harold is a parrot, quite a talented parrot in fact. He is able to mimic almost anything with great accuracy. From the washing machine to the toaster, the vacuum cleaner to the... The Bookbag

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