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Susanna Moores

Susanna Moores lives in Greenwich, London, England with her husband Stephen, close to the Royal Park she frequented as a child, racing amongst the trees with her brother, searching for the biggest, glossiest conker nut!

Susanna loves to travel the world experiencing different cultures and landscapes and has spent considerable time in Australia and her family home country of New Zealand.

After an initial career in photography, Susanna returned to her original childhood love of creating picture books and Graduated with a Masters in Children’s book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art.

Susanna also often exhibits her drawings, etchings and watercolours throughout the UK.

In all seasons Susanna can be found balancing on a folding stool with her sketchbook and paints to hand, drawing and painting people, animals and street scenes. She gains her best inspiration from the lively atmosphere at London Zoo, finding new ideas for her stories by observing the animal antics and the children who pass by.

Susanna created Bleika and the story of his struggle to share, after an incident one teatime, involving the last chocolate biscuit and two very hungry mouths!

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