Reviews of Momo and Snap (Child's Play Library)

"This story is told entirely through sounds. Momo the monkey and Snap the crocodile hiss and screech, then try to outdo and copy the other... The art was a big draw... I really loved the thick lines and vibrant colors. It made me think a little of a coloring book, but beautifully colored in of course! I'm really excited about using it with my older listeners, especially ones who have some basic reading down. I'm thinking I could make little sticks and signs with the different sounds, pass them out to the kids, and then they have to make the sounds when it's their turn - sort of readers' theater. This would also be a great one-on-one read with a little one, where you can have them act out the story."

Flying Off My Bookshelf blog. 26th June 2014

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