Reviews of Rabbit Pie (Child's Play Library)

A mummy rabbit prepares a ‘Rabbit Pie’ for her little ones at bedtime with a creative blend of bunny ingredients:
‘One game of hide-and-seek
One bath
Six pairs of pyjamas
Six cups of milk
One Story
A sprinkling of soft kisses.’
As the bunnies romp across the pages, Mummy gets them ready for bed. She then leaves them overnight in a soft warm place, ready to wake in the morning to a fresh carrot breakfast, which combined with the bedtime ingredients, makes sweet rabbit pie.
Whilst young readers may be unused to the concept of recipes and ingredients, the message of loving preparations and fun is quite clear. Warm hues and lively characters are skilfully depicted while the action and comic antics displayed make up a great bedtime read.

Jana Novotny Hunter Books for Keeps. 1st March 2011

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