Animal Lullabies (Poems For The Young)

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Mandy Ross
Illustrated by:
Krisztina Kallai Nagy
First Published:
01 March 2007
Mixed media:
32 pages
Product Dimensions:
245mm x 268mm

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It's night-time in the Animal Kingdom and time for all the animal children to go to bed. But animal children are every bit as restless as their human counterparts. How do their parents help them to sleep. What animal lullabies do they sing? Mandy Ross's original poems are linguistically rich and varied, creating affectionate and humourous sound-picturesout of an appealing mix of everyday language and nonsense words. Her engaging word play is admirably complemented by the vibrant watercolours of Krisztina Kallai Nagy. All children will love to imitate their favourite animals as they nestle to sleep, and the book finishes with a lullaby all human animals will love. Complete with Audio CD.


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